A new academic year is about to start. While the children take the opportunity to take the last dips of the summer season, parents start preparations for back-to-school: uniforms, books, school supplies… Back to routine!

Many families have difficulty getting their children back into the habits and schedules of the school year and, as a result, the first few weeks can be difficult.

From Sinews we offer you some tips to help your children adapt to the routine more easily:

  • It is essential to start incorporating the school schedule at least one week before the school year begins, that is: set the alarm clock at the indicated time, eat at the time they usually do at school and go to bed early. In this way, the first week of school his biological clock will be more accustomed to the new schedule and early mornings will not be so difficult.
  • Involve them in the process, making them part of the preparations. A good idea is to go shopping with them for school supplies and give them some freedom of choice.
  • It would also be interesting to make a schedule together, in which we can include: the subjects of each day, extracurricular activities, the stipulated time for homework and leisure time, bath time and bedtime. Ideally, it should be placed in a highly visible area of the house, so that the child gradually becomes familiar with it.
  • Finally, we cannot forget the importance of talking with them about the upcoming school year and the new experiences that await them: the joy of reuniting with classmates and fun times, their new subjects, possible difficulties related to academic content … Home should be a safe environment where they can share their concerns.

By putting these tips into practice, we will achieve a better adaptation to the new school year.

Last but not least, we remind you that in the case of those students who have difficulties keeping up the with the academic pace, Sinews offers an specialized academic support service, in which our professionals will help them to assimilate the contents and will teach them a series of strategies and study techniques in order to improve their performance.

Written by Alba Ferrero, responsible for specialized academic support services – study coach