Is the academic year already starting to take a toll on you or your child? Studies can often be overwhelming for myriad reasons. Our study coach and Educational Psychologist Juan explains how adding sessions with a study coach into your life can be a wonderful way to not only keep up with the demands of academic life but to thrive!

What’s Study Coaching?

Study Coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning. Together with a professional coach, any student can examine their learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success.

The Study Coach and student will work as a team to create and put in place more effective strategies and set up personal goals in academic and learning areas.

The aim of Study Coaching is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with new strategies.

How can the Study Coach help students?

The Study Coach will help students find out what is preventing them from being successful in academics. This process involves one-on-one sessions along with small group workshops tailored to specific needs. The Study Coach works along with the student throughout a process of discovering their strengths and areas in need of improvement. Then, the Study Coach provides guidance to create a personalized academic success plan.

Another important component of Study Coaching is helping students understand how their use of time and levels of organization or disorganization impact their studies and academic achievement. In the coaching process, it can also be important to train the student in some study skills such as reading comprehension, developing a successful writing process, taking and reviewing notes, preparing for tests and exams, managing the test taking process, etc.

Who can benefit from Study Coaching?

Any student at any grade level can benefit from Study Coaching. From students at highest levels of Primary Education, when it is necessary to start building up basic study habits and organizational skills, to College Students that may feel in need of guidance to improve their performance as students or just learn further strategies to reach optimal levels of motivation and higher academic achievement. Sometimes, a lack of tools and strategies results in high levels of anxiety and distress. Then is when Study Coaching helps the student to prioritize and better organize in order to be efficient and fully benefit from time spent on studying.

How can Study Coaching help Students with Disabilities?

Given the nature of many disabilities, learning can be uneven over time.

Whether a person experiences visual impairments, hearing loss, ADHD, learning disabilities, chronic or temporary health conditions, or mental health conditions, there are times when students are less able to be fully present to learn certain strategies and skills or take reasoning and problem solving to higher levels. These moments of less optimal learning can create what later appear as gaps in learning or functioning.

Study Coaching can help students with learning disabilities to acquire basic study skills and to become more independent and functional so they can overcome difficulties and barriers inherent to any condition.

Can I benefit from this service?

Of course! All you need to do to contract our services is get in touch! You can speak with us via telephone 917001979 or sending an email to

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