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Clara Blázquez Booth

Clara Blázquez Booth

Diplomada en Logopedia
Terapia de niños y adultos

Literacy development and identifying bilingual children with difficulties

Each person has a particular rate of growth and development. The area of literacy (the process of learning to read and write) does not escape this determination. Each child has their own learning speed and this can vary even more in bilingual children.

Detecting the difficulties that an individual may present in this area early and effectively through an early evaluation can represent a significant improvement for the well-being of the person. For these reasons, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment can be decisive in the development of children.

Academic Support Services

Sinews Academic support service or study coach, what is it exactly?

For many children and adolescents acquiring academic skills can be challenging. After a long day at school it may be hard for them to settle down to do homework or study for an exam and even more so if they cannot figure out where to start, if it takes considerable time and effort, or if they do not feel motivated. Moreover, for many parents who lack time, trying to help their children can be stressful and this may give rise to family arguments. To ensure that learning is not affecting the relationship between parent and child, a possible solution is for a professional to carry out support sessions at home or at school to help students improve their study skills, which will also benefit the situation at home.

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How to look after your voice



Our voice is the instrument we use to communicate on a daily basis and for this reason it should be used correctly. If we do so, we lessen the risk of straining our vocal cords.


Aprendizaje y lenguaje en verano

En verano todo el mundo se merece un descanso, también los niños, que después de un curso escolar intenso con deberes y exámenes lo que no quieren son más tareas para los meses de verano.

Por eso la cuestión que se plantean muchos padres es la de qué hacer para que los niños repasen algo de lo aprendido en el cole sin que se aburran o tengan que sentarse a diario a hacer deberes.

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Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn: Building Essential Skills in Young Children

Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn: Building Essential Skills in Young Children – 2008 by Mary Renck Jalongo

This book can be a valuable resource for parents or educators interested in language development.

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El papel del logopeda

“¿Qué es la logopedia exactamente?” Es una pregunta que me han hecho a menudo. Debido a que es una disciplina relativamente nueva en España, parece ser todavía una gran desconocida y en este artículo me propongo explicar de una forma sencilla a qué nos dedicamos los logopedas y en qué consiste nuestro trabajo.

Storytelling in childhood

We all love a good story, don´t we? As adults we enjoy reading because it is a pleasurable and relaxing activity. This is of course true for children too but for them listening to stories is also an essential part of their development.

Hearing stories from a young age prepares the brain for language and encourages linguistic abilities in many ways. Even when young children cannot understand every word that is said, they can still hear the intonation of a story, enjoy looking at the pictures and feel close to the person who is reading to them.

The advantages of being bilingual

To have another language is to possess a second soul.

If you asked people whether they would like to be bilingual I think most people would say “Yes” without even thinking about it. Bilingualism is now generally considered something positive and highly desirable but this has not always been the case.

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