Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Leticia Martínez Prado
Psychologist and Coach
Adults and couples
Languages: English and Spanish
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Division of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Leticia Martínez Prado
Psychologist and Coach
Adults and couples
Languages: English and Spanish
  • Psychologist specializing in third-generation therapies, eating issues, personal skills and couples therapy:
  • Degree in Psychology from the University Autónoma of Madrid.
  • Expert Psyco-oncology from the Hospital Quirón of Madrid.
  • Expert in Nutrition and TCA from UNIR.
  • Expert Coaching and Mindfulness.
  • PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Expert in couples therapy Gottman method.
  • Incompany Services Coordinator.

Leticia Martinez studied elementary school at a British Council School and attended a year of high school, year 10, in Greenville (North Carolina, USA). After two more summers in the United States, she began her studies in Psychology at the Autonoma University of Madrid inspired in part by her experience in San Diego. From the first moment, she was interested in the clinical area and she studied while taking part in volunteer projects, being involved for 5 years with International Cooperation in the area of supporting families of children with long-term hospitalisations (transplants, rare diseases etc). While studying for her degree, she trained as an expert in Psycho-oncology in the Quirón Hospital in Madrid in therapeutic assistance to people struggling with cancer. In her opinion, helping to manage uncertainty, fear, and loneliness while advancing in acceptance and adaptation and helping with difficulties that arise in personal and family relationships is the best way to support people in these particular set of circumstances.

After completing her Psychology degree, she began a postgraduate degree in Nutrition and Psycho-nutrition from the International University of La Rioja. She started her experience as a therapist for people with problems with food and/or self-image (with a particular interest that eat because of anxiety and emotional emptiness) and joined the Group of Experts on Eating and Behaviour in the Official College of Psychologists. To improve the quality of care for these people, she taught a course for other therapists based on the application of Mindfulness techniques (MB-EAT) to problems with eating. Leticia thinks, as an expert, that the key is to help clients understand the emotional part of their anxiety around food and look together for other ways to relieve negative emotions.

In 2013 she began the Master in General Health Psychology at the European University of Madrid that would allow her to enter SINEWS as an internship student. With her tutor Lidia Budziszewska, she trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach that she has continued to use since she was selected five years ago to join the team. Upon completion of the master’s degree, she travelled to New England (USA) to collaborate with the University of Boston in the creation of clinical manuals for the treatment of trauma through behavioral therapy. From her way of working with trauma, Leticia understands that recovery goes through the acceptance of what has happened to us without resigning ourselves to letting it condition our future.

Later she completed her professional profile with postgraduate training in Coaching by ESNECA Business School which has allowed her to offer job interview preparation services, help in professional decision making and training in soft skills such as communication, leadership, resilience, innovation, and creativity.

During these years, Leticia has combined her clinical work with the management of the Counselling and Mentoring service of CUNEF (until June 2019) and with teaching Health and Behavioral Psychology classes and new technology (among others) at IE University and Psychopathology and Personality for Syracuse University. She developed and delivered a wellness and personal skills program called UBU (Your Best You) aimed at improving the physical, social and emotional health of students through group dynamics, personal development and the establishing of healthy habits.

Leticia’s areas of expertise as a psychotherapist and coach are emotion regulation, anxiety management, and mood problems, difficulties with food and self-image as well as growth and professional and personal development. Her tools are Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectic Therapy.

Regarding couples therapy, Leticia has certified training in the Gottman method, a therapeutic approach that combines work on the life history of each member of the relationship, their communication style and their emotional regulation. She understands wellbeing in the relationship as a work of self-knowledge, honesty and focused on common values and goals.

  • 2016- Currently: PhD in Clinical Psychology from Complutense University of Madrid
  • 2016: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion from Hazel Clinic
  • 2016: Expert in Coaching from Esneca Business School
  • 2014: MBSR from COP Madrid (Psychology School of Madrid)
  • 2014: Master Degree in Clinical Psychology from the European University of Madrid (Practicum training a year in third-generation therapies: ACT and Mindfulness)
  • 2013: Expert in Nutrition and Eating Disorders from the UNIR
  • 2011-12: Expert in psycho-oncology from Hospital Quirón and the European University of Madrid
  • 2008-12: Degree in Psychology from the University Autónoma of Madrid
  • PSYCHOLOGIST - SINEWS Sinews is a multilingual therapy institute that offers psychology services for adult, children and couples, psychiatry services for adults and children, speech therapy, coaching and outsourcing services for companies, schools and universities. (September 2014- Currently) Sector: Counseling and Health Responsibilities:
    • Evaluation and intervention in eating disorders
    • Evaluation and intervention in anxiety disorders
    • Evaluation and intervention in mood disorders
    • Evaluation and intervention in PTDS (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • PSYCHOLOGIST - PSICONUTRICIÓN MADRID ( May 2014-June 2016) Responsibilities:
    • Individual psychotherapy for weight management (patients with obesity and overweight)
    • Individual psychotherapy with patients with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder)
    • Psychotherapy in anxiety disorders
    • Group therapy program: "Food and Mindfulness"
    • Workshops: healthy habits and prevention.
  • COUNSELOR - COMISIÓN PARA LA INVESTIGACIÓN DE MALOS TRATOS (January 2013 - June 2014). Sector: Counseling Responsibilities: Psychological care for women victims of trafficking (extensive experience in trauma)
  • INTERNSHIP AT HEALTH COUNSELLING - HOSPITAL QUIRÓN DE MADRID (June 2012 – December 2012). Sector: Health Responsibilities: Individual therapy in cancer patients and family therapy grieving process and group sessions.
  • INTERNSHIP NEUROPSYCHOLOGY - SAR QUAVITAE ALBUFERA (January 2012 – June 2012). Sector: Health Responsibilities:. Neuropsychological assessment and individual therapy, focused on mood disorders in patients and relatives.

2016- Currently: PhD Candidate at University Complutense of Madrid: «EVALUATION AND TREATMENT OF AUTO-ATTENDANT PARANOIA BIAS: WELLFOCUS-PPT (Intervention based on Positive Psychology) AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES»

2016: Professor at MINDFUL EATING Course at the College of Psychologists of Madrid.

April 2016: Presentation at the Conference of eating disorders and obesity at the College of Psychologists of Madrid. «APPROACHES TO THIRD GENERATION AND CONTEXTUAL THERAPIES FOR INTERVENTION IN EATING DISORDERS AND OBESITY»

2015: SELF-ESTEEM IMPLIED AND PERSECUTORY DELUSIONS in patients diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in the team of Carmen Valiente and Carmelo Vazquez (Complutense University of Madrid). This research is focused on the influence of implicit self-esteem and improved due to conditioning on persecutory delusions in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia in different CRPS of the Community of Madrid.

Sector: Non-governmental organization
Responsibilities: Participation in supported programs for chronic diseases and transplantation children through the provision of workshops for children and familie.

NGO MAKUA, MOZAMBIQUE (June 2011 – September 2011).
Sector: Non-governmental organization
Responsibilities: Teaching a second language and assertiveness workshops, sexual education and career counseling

CPI Centro HispanoParaguayo
Sector: Non-governmental organization
Responsibilities: Teaching Spanish to immigrants and how to get a job (create a resume, preparation for a job interview…)

  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Bilingual (comprehension, written and spoken)
  • Italian: Bilingual (comprehension, written and spoken)
  • French: Upper-Intermediate level (comprehension, written and spoken)

Leticia escribe: