child neurologist Madrid Dr. Encarna Domínguez
Children, adolescents and adults
Languages: English and Spanish

  • Bachelor´s Degree in Medicine. University of Extremadura (Spain). October 1996-June 2002
  • Specialty in Neurology. General Adults. H.infanta Cristina.Badajoz (Spain). Academic years 2004-2008
  • Specialty in Psychiatry. Children and Adolescents. H.Virgen Macarena.Seville (Spain). Academic years 2011-2015
  • Master´s Degree in Childhood Early Intervention. University of Zaragoza. Academic year September 2018- September 2020
  • ADOS-2 and ADI-R training. Hogefre Academy. University of Oxford. April 2018
  • Master´s Degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders. University of Zaragoza. Academic year September 2016- September 2017
  • Master´s Degree in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience. University Autonoma of Barcelona. Academic year 2009-2010
  • Proficiency in Academic Research (Equivalent to MSc) Department of Psychiatry and Pharmacology. University of Extremadura. December 2008

Dr Dominguez Ballesteros was born in a small village in Extremadura in South-West Spain, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. Dr Dominguez’s father was a lawyer who had decided to emigrate to Paris to complete his studies at Sorbonne University. Dr Dominguez’s mother was a primary school teacher who had moved around Spain prior to settling down in Extremadura. Influenced by her parents’ background, Dr Dominguez developed a special interest in new languages and cultures as well as a wide range of childhood-related issue, including education and development, from early stages of her life.

Dr Dominguez graduated in Medicine, which she chose on the basis that such a discipline links scientific with humanist knowledge. She then undertook consultant training in Neurology. After working several years as Consultant Neurologist with special interest in Childhood Neurocognition, she underwent consultant training in Psychiatry. More Specifically, from an integrative/comprehensive approach to understanding human behaviour, she intended to develop her expertise in children and adolescent Neuropsychiatry.

During her training as Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Dr Dominguez carried out several clinical attachments in some of the most prestigious Spanish hospitals (such as Hospital Virgen del Rocio in Seville, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona or Hospital Gregorio Marañon in Madrid). She also completed three master degrees: Psychopharmacology and Neurocognition by University Autonoma of Barcelona and Autism Spectrum Disorders and Early Intervention by University of Zaragoza. Additionally, Dr Dominguez completed her training in family therapy, psychoanalysis and group therapy. Also, she participated in national and international peer reviewed publications and she delivered oral communications in different congresses in both Neurology and Psychiatry.

In 2014 Dr Dominguez was awarded a grant by the University of Seville which allowed her to embark on research at The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience of King´s College (IOPPN,London). Over this period Dr Dominguez gained new insights into the experience of living abroad. In particular, Dr Dominguez became aware of the challenges faced by a psychiatrist in a multicultural environment and therefore, using a second language. However, she embraced this challenge and decided to move to London. By living in the UK, Dr Dominguez experienced in first person the emigration process, the diversity of multicultural families and the complexity of the cognitive and emotional journey of living in another country, which significantly improved her therapist skills by gradually making her see beyond the obvious. Since then, Dr Dominguez’s care approach to her patients has been characterised by an intergrative holistic model in which family, social, emotional and biological issue are considered as key parts from a diagnostic and therapeutic perspective.

From 2014 to 2018, Dr Dominguez took on different roles as Psychiatrist working at the British National Health System (NHS). In particular, Dr Dominguez worked as Specialty Doctor in an inpatient acute unit at Springfield Hospital (South West and St George´s NHS Mental Health Trust). During her last period in London, Dr Dominguez delivered care for children and adolescents with complex needs in an outpatient clinic at The Royal Free Hospital in Noth London. At that point, Dr Dominguez completed her specific training in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and neurodevelopmental issues at the University of Oxford. Also, she provided care to more than 50 families with cultural, social and adaptative highly demanding needs.

In 2018 Dr Dominguez decided to move back to Spain facing a new process of resilience and flexibility. Since then, Dr Dominguez has been working at the public and private sector from both perspectives: outpatients and inpatients as a child neurologist in Madrid. Dr Dominguez has mastered the holistic view of her two specialties (Neurology and Psychiatry) combined with her wide experience working with young people and the knowledge of both health systems (British and Spanish health system).

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