Gloria Rios Gloria Rios
Speech Therapist
Child, adolescent and adult speech therapy
Languages: English and Spanish

  • Degree in Speech and Language Therapy from Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Master in Clinical Speech Therapy Intervention and Research
  • Master in Myofunctional Therapy

Born into a Jewish-Japanese family, Gloria was immersed from a young age in a multicultural environment, which has allowed her to gain valuable insight into the diversity of origins and traditions, therefore adopting a more flexible and positive attitude thanks to this personal experience.

After completing her degree in Speech and Language Pathology in Spain, Gloria decided to specialize in language pathologies due to neurological disorders, choosing the Brain Damage Attention State Center (CEADAC) as the center she would have her first internship and get training in treating Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) as stroke and head injury that commonly include speech problems and even dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).

Guided by an ambition to deepen her knowledge, she decided to continue her studies with a Master’s degree in Clinical Speech Therapy Intervention and Research at the UCM, doing her internship at the Gregorio Marañon Hospital, where she was able to work in other professional fields as in voice treatment in people with dysphonia and some cases of laryngectomy, as well as to use different language intervention practices for school-age students with spoken language disorders. During this time, she also collaborated on research projects at college, about language development in children. Along with her master’s colleagues, they carried out a study on the symbolic (or pretend) play in autism and designed an assessment questionnaire, that they had the opportunity to present in The IV Colegio de Logopedas de Cataluña Congress.

Thanks to her ever-growing passion for the profession of Speech- Language Pathology, Gloria would complete her training by obtaining a second Master in Myofunctional Therapy at ISEP, including an internship at the Infant Brain Injury Unit at the Beata Hospital, where she was able to learn a variety of intervention methods for young children with communication disorders.

She currently combines her clinical work as a bilingual speech therapist at SINEWS in kids and adults, with her psychopedagogic labor at Kings College Soto de Viñuelas, where she has acquired conscience of the academic impact language difficulties have.

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