Laura Zozaya Piñeiro Laura Zozaya Piñeiro
Madrid, Spain
MS Clinical & Educational Psychologist
Children and adolescents therapist
Languages: Spanish (native), English (bilingual), Portuguese (conversational)

  • BS Psychology (Clinical) at the Complutense University in Madrid
  • MS Psychology (Cognitive and Perceptual) at the University of Seville in Seville
  • MS Psychology (Educational and Developmental) at the UNIR University in La Rioja

Laura was born in Vigo (Galicia, Spain) and from the early ages attends a trilingual primary and secondary school (Rosalia de Castro) with a special focus on English language and culture taught by native teachers from the United Kingdom. Throughout the adolescence she perfected her English skills at several summer programmes in Brighton (UK), Ypsilanti (Michigan, USA) and Chicago (Illinois, USA).

A daughter of a Speech Therapist that pioneered cochlear implant rehabilitation in Spain, Laura was determined to follow a professional path on clinical studies. For this reason, she moves to Madrid after high school where she pursues a bachelor’s in clinical psychology. During her time at the Complutense University and after completing a one-year Erasmus Exchange in Copenhaguen, she deepens her interest on educational psychology, especially on the development of core functions such as language and attention (both visual and auditory).

Upon finishing her BS studies in Madrid, she follows the advice from her mentors and starts a Master in Cognitive and Perceptual Behaviour at the University of Seville, where she gets involved with applied faculty research. Once she completes the master Laura joins the Experimental Psychobiology Group led by PhD Professor Carlos Maria Gomez where she researches about brain activity on children with and without learning disorders, especially attention with deficit disorder (ADD).

From Seville she moves to Valencia to work on a different psychological research field, this time focusing on human reading skills learning and visual recognition of words. Laura researches on these aspects through ocular movement techniques and electroencephalography, always from an evolutive point of view and tracking any potential challenges that may arise.

The close interface during her research years with children that suffered from learning difficulties fosters Laura to pursue a career as Educational Psychologist at Psicologuinos in Tui (Pontevedra, Spain). Among her main duties are the evaluation and assessment through psico-educational testing on the children´s ability to spot their strengths and weaknesses. Always with the focus of developing treatment and support plans that can be consistently applied and with the goal to achieve the best results on the children´s learning potential. During her tenure at this practice Laura would diagnose and treat several learning difficulties: ADD, Dyslexia, and Autism.

To round up her professional background as Educational Psychologist and be able to treat these difficulties in the environment where the children learn (the school), Laura completes a master’s in educational and developmental psychology, with a concentration on School Counselling, at the UNIR University. Currently Laura is working on a full-time basis as the School Counsellor (with SINEWS) at the King´s College, The British School of Madrid. On a weekly basis she also collaborates at SINEWS headquarters performing evaluations on children with learning difficulties.

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