Rita Lara Rita Lara
Psicóloga Sanitaria
Adolescentes y adultos
Idiomas de trabajo: español e inglés

Rita Lara had the opportunity to grow up in an international environment beginning her studies in the American School of Madrid with 3 years of age, where 80% of the students were from another country, more than half being American. Daughter of enthusiastic travelers, Rita has traveled around the world from an early age with her family, to whom she is thankful for the curiosity and respect for diversity that they have transmitted her.

She completed the International Baccalaureate in Leysin American School of Switzerland, in a small town French speaking town. Her best friends were a girl whose family were from India with Canadian passport and lived in the Congo (Kinshasa), another one from Belgium who also lived in Africa, and thirdly, one whose family came from Indonesia. Life together in the boarding school gave her the opportunity to get familiarized with their daily customs like foods, traditions and their cultural holidays.

Rita began her university stage moving to the United States to Florida (Eckerd College) where she lived for 2 years and studied Psychology and Visual Arts. This experience gave her the opportunity to combine her passions: psychology, painting and photography. Studying in the US made her experience several emotional challenges: the cultural shock, homesickness, and those solitude moments where you miss your support circle. Finally, she decides to come back to Spain to finish her studies in Saint Louis University Madrid. Combining it with several volunteer programs: accompanying homeless people in their daily lives and doing art therapy with people with disabilities.

The summer she finished university, she traveled to India (Tiruchirappalli) where she would work in an orphanage helping students with academic tasks and offering them emotional support. This experience reaffirmed Rita’s interest for adolescence, the great impact of this vital stage, and how working to improve family dynamics helps the adolescent’s wellbeing and his/her environment. This last year, Rita has completed her Master studies in Clinical Psychology in the European University of Madrid during which she would be selected for doing her internship at Sinews, where she was formed in Contextual Psychology by Lidia Budziszewska, her supervisor.

Nowadays, she combines her clinical work in SINEWS with her Master studies in Eating Disorders and Obesity. In the hard process of acknowledging the existence of an eating disorder, Rita considers essential accompanying her patients with empathy but never loosing focus of the priorities and objectives.

Rita works from an integrative perspective. For her, it’s crucial to understand the patient, his/her history, and together design the most adequate treatment plan. During therapy she considers essential to work with the patient, so he/she understands the problem, its origin and most importantly, comprehends and accepts his/her own learning process.

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