Sámar Khalife Sámar Khalife
Adult and couples’ therapist
Languages: English and Spanish

  • Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology, Universidad de Almería, Spain
  • Masters in Family and Couples’ Therapy, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid, Spain
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Miami, Florida, USA (Validated by the Ministry of Education and Science Credential No: 2012/H01463)

Sámar Khalife is an adult and couples psychologist. Born in the United States to a Puerto Rican mother and Lebanese father, she has grown up surrounded by many languages and cultures, which has helped her connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds as well as be open to sharing different points of view. Throughout her life, living in different parts of the United States, including Texas, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania and Florida, has strongly shaped her education and upbringing.

While earning her Master’s Degree in Family and Couples’ Therapy, she worked in the public Mental Health Center in Hortaleza, counseling couples’ and families dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, emotional dependencies, learning difficulties, domestic violence and suicide. During this time, her main focus was using the systems approach, which holds that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but rather by exploring the complex interactions that exist between them. This helped her achieve an in-depth understanding of how individuals communicate within the different systems they form a part of, as she believes that context, communication and relationships are essential when working with couples and families.

In addition to the systems approach to therapy, she values the role of the psychologist in emergency and crisis situations, cross-cultural contexts and using cognitive-behavioral therapy. This led her to collaborate with non-profit organizations working with homelessness and refugees adapting to their newfound homes and countries. Her previous experience as an educator to students of all ages has also given her deep insight into the struggles that can arise when studying abroad, especially when it involves a foreign language or culture.

She currently combines her continued graduate studies at the University of Almería with her private practice at Sinews, receiving CBT training from our senior therapist and co-founder of the company, Gema Rubio Herranz, her tutor and current supervisor. Here Sámar works with a wide range of clientele overcoming difficulties related to depression, trauma, life transitions, grief and loss, stress and anxiety and relationship issues.

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