Emotional regulation: skills acquisition and support group

Emotional regulation: skills acquisition and support group


Emotional regulation: skills acquisition and support group

Don’t let you emotions decide for you and hijack the steering wheel of your life.

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The group is based on DBT skills training, working on cultivating awareness of our limiting emotions, tolerance to distress, wise reasoning, interpersonal skills and building a meaningful and positive narrative.

Why a Group Setting?

Many scientific studies have shown the power of groups when managing with difficult emotions and social issues.
It is also a way to train emotion regulation and social skills in a more realistic environment; it reinforces the generalization of these skills in our daily lives.

How are Sessions Structured?

Sessions are semi structured, this means there will be a part of each session devoted to the formal presentation of a skill or set of skills and another devoted to collaboration, in which we can create a non judgemental environment in which we can express ourselves and help other from our experiences.

For Who?

  • Highly sensitivity adults between 18-70
  • Dealing with difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, irritability, and insecurities.
  • Struggling with social issues, feeling vulnerable or irritated easily.
  • Who are interested in building together a new way to manage our emotions and create the life we want to live.

Duration of the Program

13 weeks

More Information about DBT
«DBT is a broad based cognitive behavioural treatment. Recognising the role of difficulties in regulating emotions (both over and under control), DBT pursues the goal of changing behavioural, emotional, thinking and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living.» Linehan, M. (2015). DBT skills training Manual. Second edition. New York. Guilford press.

Skills groups have been designed as a nonjudgmental collaborative environment in which its member can learn to increase their emotional awareness and understanding, minimise negative and dysfunctional thought patterns and behaviours and finally, develop new coping and problems-solving skills.

The Four Modules of Dialectical Behavioural Skills Groups are

Core mindfulness: The first of the four primary modules of DBT, this concept involves learning to observe one’s emotions, describe those emotions, and fully participate in present experiences.

Interpersonal effectiveness: The second core component of DBT is focused on assertiveness skills and strategies to ask for what we need, set boundaries and say no when appropriate, and deal more effectively with interpersonal conflict.

Distress tolerance: The third module entails the group developing non-judgmental acceptance of us as well as our current situation. The focus is on learning to accept the present reality and to tolerate crises, and making use of strategies such as distraction, self-soothing, improving the moment.

Emotion regulation: The final module of DBT consists of three main goals: to understand one’s emotions, reduce emotional vulnerability, and decrease emotional suffering. With this in mind, some of the specific skills taught in DBT include identifying and labelling emotions as well as evaluating: events that prompt the emotion, interpretations that trigger the emotion, how the emotion is experienced, how the emotion is expressed behaviourally, and the aftereffects of the emotion.

The Four Functions of DBT Groups

Enhance behavioral capabilities: regulate emotions, experience the present moment, improve interpersonal interactions, and better tolerate distressing situations.

Improve motivation to changes: DBT supports clients’ motivation to change by tracking and reducing detrimental behaviors, thereby increasing quality of life.

Generalize capabilities to other environments: In order for the client to make progress, the skills learned in the group we be transferred to a wide variety of situations.

Enhance therapist motivation: The DBT model encourages the use of support, validation, feedback, and encouragement between members of the group to avoid burnout and improve their effectiveness.

Psychoeducational evaluation for university students

Evaluation of learning disabilities for university students


Evaluation of learning disabilities for university students

Are you tired of dedicating endless hours to study and obtaining frustrating results, that are not up to your effort?

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Learning disabilities are often behind this demotivating feeling.
Problems such as dyslexia, attention deficit, dyscalculia or slow processing speed have often gone unnoticed in children who were able to pass exams, and in adults they produce inefficiency, reluctance or procrastination.

An in-depth Psychoeducational Evaluation


The first step to improve academic/work performance of the adult with learning difficulties is an in-depth psychoeducational evaluation, assessing all abilities: attention, working memory, processing speed, reading comprehension, written expression, calculation…


This procedure requires one or two trained and experienced professionals and may require two days of administration of validated neuropsychological and / or speech therapy assessment tests.


The tests are then corrected and interpreted and a report is issued that will include:

  • Diagnosis of learning difficulties (if any)
  • Therapeutic recommendations for the patient, adapted to their personal needs
  • Curricular adaptation plan for the educational institution: including, if necessary, extra time in exams, adapted test texts, oral exams ... among other modification possibilities to improve the student's opportunities to express their knowledge and to learn

Grupo de Apoyo en Situaciones de Duelo

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

The power of group therapy is very special.

Meeting other people, even online, who are experiencing similar symptoms or situations or have been through the same thing helps you stop feeling lonely, many people even talk about no longer feeling different or weak.
The group must learn during therapy and with the help of the therapist(s) to respect and support each other and take advantage of the different ways, all of them valid ones, of facing and processing what happens to us.

Scientific evidence tells us that group therapy is more effective than individual therapy for some problems and almost always more cost-efficient.

Maybe you were looking for individual psychotherapy and now you would like to try group psychotherapy? They are not incompatible, but if you are suffering from any of the difficulties that we attend in our therapy groups, we encourage you to try the healing power and relief of the group FIRST. Dare to try!

Our online group therapy also works.
If you cannot travel or prefer not to, online therapy groups are your option.

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Parenting Workshop in Sinews MTI

Parenting Workshop


Parenting Workshop

Our children are the future, but in order for us to guarantee they develop in a healthy way, we must work on the present.

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Am I doing this right?
Am I causing some kind of trauma?
Am I being too lenient?
Children don’t come with an instruction manual, that’s why we are inviting you to join our

In this 8-session parenting program we want to address the main concerns involved in raising children.
We are providing an outline of the workshop, though sessions will be flexible and will adapt to the participants’ specific needs.

Session 1

We will provide information, guidance and orientation for parents regarding their children’s development and learning process, as well as how to improve their autonomy and self-esteem. We will delve into the many benefits derived from establishing routines, as well as age-appropriate responsibilities, tasks and chores.

Session 2

We will learn to recognize different parenting styles and identify our own so we can make adjustments to better support our children’s development.

Sessions 3 & 4

We will learn different strategies for managing children’s behavior, identifying the best way to set boundaries and establish consequences in a gentle and safe way. Through specific examples and whatever experiences participants wish to share, we will learn to identify those behaviors we wish to enhance or maintain, and those we wish to eliminate.

Session 5

In this session we will explore how we tend to react in specific family circumstances, our own fears and insecurities and how they can affect our communication with others, preventing us from becoming the kind of parents we would like to be.

Session 6

We will reflect on family values and rules.

Session 7

We will work on strategies, activities and games that will foster a more nurturing parent-child relationship. We will emphasize the importance of helping kids cope with their emotions and we will offer tips on how to do so.

Session 8

In this final session, we will answer any specific questions that parents wish to pose, as well as revisit any subject matter that parents wish to expand on.

This is an open group designed for parents of children ages 0 to 9. The cost is 25€ per person and session, or 35€ per couple and session.

Grupo de Apoyo en Situaciones de Duelo

Dealing with Grief Support Group


Dealing with Grief Support Group

The loss of a loved one is one of the most psychologically damaging human experiences.

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Unfortunately, during this period many people have lost family members or friends due to the corona virus crisis. Due to the quarantine, those who have lost somebody cannot properly say goodbye to their loved ones, which makes grieving much harder.

During a mourning process, there are a wide variety of psychological reactions that are normal and expected. As painful as they may be, we must make room for them in order to begin to heal. Therefore, one of the crucial steps of bereavement is the emotional expression of our pain.

To avoid isolation and loneliness during this process, we have opened a support group for people who are going through bereavement.

Who is it aimed at?

This group is directed to anyone who is dealing with the loss of someone close to them and would like to receive support during the mourning process. If you would like to deal with grief surrounded by others who are dealing with similar experiences, and receive information regarding what to expect from the emotional process of loss, this group will be a good tool for you.


The goal of this group is to offer a safe and comforting space that can be used to share and process this devastating experience with people that are going through the same thing. The objectives are: to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, to gain relevant information regarding the grieving process and its different steps, and to practice the recommended exercises in order to advance through those steps in the company of others in similar situations.


The group will host a maximum of 10 participants and a minimum of 3. It will be hosted through the online platform Zoom and will consist in sessions of an hour and a half weekly, every Tuesday from 12 to 1.30. The price per session will be of 25 Euros and the duration of the group will be 10 sessions.

During each session, we will address different topics related to the grieving process and its steps. Different weekly tasks or exercises will be offered in order to help the participants move through each phase of the mourning process. During the sessions, the participants will be able to share their own experiences with grief, tools to manage the emotional impact, and give each other support.


This group will take place in English.

Programa para Elección de Carrera o Postgrado

Programa para Elección de Carrera o Postgrado


Programa para Elección de Carrera o Postgrado

La elección de carrera tanto de grado como posgrado es un momento tan estimulante como lleno de dudas, miedos e inseguridades.

Online AppointmentClinic Appointment

Además en ocasiones mezclamos las expectativas externas con las nuestras propias, relacionamos estas con experiencias del pasado o nos aventuramos a tomar decisiones sin conocer suficientemente sus implicaciones futuras.

El servicio de coaching para la orientación en la elección de carrera trata de despejar todas las variables de esta ecuación para obtener el resultado acertado para cada persona. Es por ello que se realiza una evaluación tanto de manera cuantitativa con instrumentos de medida de fortalezas e intereses validados como mediante una entrevista semiestructurada para así comenzar creando un perfil realista y completo de las habilidades, pasiones y expectativas del cliente.

Tras esta evaluación nos adentramos en la búsqueda de diferentes caminos para llegar a la meta establecida y planes de ayuda si algo no saliese según lo esperado.

Consideramos esta parte de vital importancia ya que está estrechamente ligada al auto-conocimiento y trata de que la persona no solo elija qué estudiar sino cómo lo complementará dependiendo de a dónde quiera llegar.

Este es un gran momento para parar, pensar donde queremos llegar, los diferentes caminos para hacerlo y con qué herramientas y motivaciones personales contamos.

En muchas ocasiones no nos tomamos el tiempo necesario para ello y dejamos que nuestro camino lo marquen las circunstancias u otras personas. Desde Sinews queremos ayudarte no solo a que seas tu quien diseñe tus pasos sino también a que lo hagas consciente de tus fortalezas personales y posibilidades para así trazar un recorrido más enriquecedor, realista, interesante y personalizado.

4 Sesiones Coaching Personal

Identificaremos tus intereses laborales y tus fortalezas personales. Aclararemos y exploraremos diferentes opciones y en base a ellas definiremos los próximos pasos.

SESIÓN 1 Toma de contacto, exploración mediante entrevista semiestructurada: quién soy, qué me gusta, cómo me relaciono con los demás, qué NO me gusta, expectativas (propias y ajenas).
Test IPIP (Evaluación Intereses Profesionales)
SESIÓN 2 Análisis de las diferentes opciones, identificación de las opciones más atractivas y sensatas.
Test de Fortalezas VIA, visionado vídeo
SESIÓN 3 Integración de las intereses con las fortalezas y los caminos disponibles.
Plan para búsqueda de información adicional
SESIÓN 4 Revisión de las tareas, identificación de próximos pasos y plan de acción.
PRECIO 85 euros/sesión

Intensive preparation for job hunting

Intensive preparation for job hunting


Intensive preparation for job hunting

Has it been a while since you last looked for a job, and does the whole process seem overwhelming?

Online AppointmentClinic Appointment

Do you want to change your professional career, but your CV doesn’t fit your profile? Do you want to show up for a selection process, but don’t feel like you are able to stand out? Do you need to improve your skills in order to face a round of interviews because you feel insecure?

SINEWS has an approach that is practical so that you can elaborate or redesign your resume and train yourself (with supervision) using the skills that are necessary to shine in the job interview.


  • Formulation of the strong points in your track in a convincing résumé (written)
  • Identification of your strong points and the value that it will add to the company (formal test)
  • Training to formulate your achievements and strong points in a form that is concise and convincing (verbal)
  • Mock job interview with realistic questions taken from selection processes from different personnel from various companies and institutions
  • Recording of the interview in an audio digital format so that you can take it home
  • Personalized feedback from a Coach
  • Detailed analysis of the mock interview with specific recommendations

Duration: 4, 60- min. Coaching sessions.
Languages: Spanish, English, German, or a special mix (especially indicated for people preparing interview in multinational companies or for job posts that require languages).
Price: 280 €
Special optional service: We optimize and translate your resume (to English or German) for an additional 45 Euros.

Express job interview prep

Express job interview prep


Express job interview prep

Have you been called in for a job interview and need to get ready to stand out?

Online AppointmentClinic Appointment

SINEWS offers a quick and efficient service in order to help you prepare for your job interview in a short period of time.

Our professional coaching team knows job interview techniques and can help you leave an image that will highlight your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, in addition to designing a mock interview that will help you become familiar with typical questions and respond effectively.

It includes:

  • Analysis of your updated resume in order to identify your strengths and make them stand out
  • Selecting the main points that you would like to convey in your interview
  • Mock job interview with realistic, updated questions
  • Recording of the interview in an audio digital format so that you can review at home
  • Personalized feedback by a professional coach that will analyze your answers and give you specific recommendations in order to improve your results
  • Recommendations for the preparation during the final days before the interview.

Directed towards: People who find themselves in a selection process and they want to prepare a job interview in a way that is fast and efficient in the span of one week.
Duration: 2 sessions of Coaching that last 60 minutes the first part, and 90 minutes the second part.
Languages in which the service is available: Spanish, English, German, or a special mix (especially geared towards the preparation for interviews in multinational companies or for positions that require knowledge of a second or third language).
Price: 180 €
Optional additional service: We optimize and translate your resume (to English or German) for an additional 45€.



Coaching in English for Individuals and Executives, Madrid

Coaching is a method of personalized support and guidance designed to assist you in making your life’s projects come true.

Online AppointmentClinic Appointment

Coaching is aimed at reaching our personal and professional goals more easily and faster than we would on our own, while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
As a term coming from the world of sports, coaching is based on the idea that working towards an objective, developing our full potential and being successful is best achieved by means of a constant, guided effort.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is not a therapy designed to treat psychological problems.
People who work with a coach are healthy individuals that have dreams and want to change certain aspects of their lives but are not fully clear where to start, how to integrate their goals in their current life and what reasonable amount of time and effort to invest in getting there.

When you work with a coach you will:

  • Clarify what you really need, your true values and objectives.
  • Discover what you want to do to reach your goals, when and how to get started.
  • Prioritize more efficiently.
  • Develop and stick to a simple but powerful action plan. You will know where you’re going and what it takes to get there.
  • Appreciate the support and objective guidance of an independent professional.
  • Gain awareness of possible pitfalls, challenges and limiting beliefs.
  • Have a safe space where you can think, talk and focus on what is most important to you.
  • Learn to be your own coach.
  • Have personal or professional coaching in Madrid in English by qualified native speakers.

What topics could I work on with my coach?

From very personal topics related to your family, friends or relationships to professional ambitions like starting and growing your own business, reducing your work related stress or making a career change to make a long-held vocational dream come true.
Coaching is especially beneficial if you find yourself in any type of transition or change. It will help you overcome adaptation strains, set clear objectives, think big and start to flourish.
If you are not sure if your situation requires coaching or psychotherapy, don’t worry, our team of professionals will help find the right approach for you.

Speech therapy for adults

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Our center offers speech therapy treatment in Madrid specialized in voice therapy, childhood bilingualism and speech rehabilitation after stroke among others.

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Speech therapy covers the areas of prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, which could be language disorders (expressive and receptive), speech production disorders, or communication disorders associated with problems with hearing or learning (reading and/or writing) in all age groups.

When should a speech therapist (speech language pathologist) be consulted?

In the case of adults, any time one feels uncomfortable with the way he or she communicates. It could be because he/she has difficulty understanding people due to hearing or processing difficulties, or people have difficulty understanding him/her due to errors in articulation, stuttering or difficulty relating events and encounters. A speech therapist should be consulted when there is an indication of vocal misuse or abuse, especially when the voice problem is impacting the person’s professional life. 
Speech therapists are consulted to assess and treat swallowing and cognitive difficulties resulting from strokes or other neurological trauma.
When someone is diagnosed with progressive hearing loss, a speech therapist can treat that person via a program of aural rehabilitation.

What type of problems does a speech therapist treat?

  • Delayed acquisition of speech or language skills (children that begin speaking late)
  • Aphasias (difficulties speaking and/or comprehension)
  • Difficulties in producing speech sounds accurately in the first language
  • Stuttering (stammering) - Fluency disorders
  • Swallowing problems
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Reading or writing problems
  • Voice disorders
  • Communication disorders associated with hearing loss
  • Accent reduction in persons learning English as a second language.

Also, children or adults diagnosed with other pathologies that could affect communicative abilities like:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis)

The professionals at SINEWS understand the importance of creating assessment reports that provide instructions to family, and the other health care or education professionals in contact with our client.

For those families looking for a speech therapist in Madrid that understands the needs of children exposed to more than one language, SINEWS offers clinical assessments for evaluating the difficulties your child may experience with bilingualism, as well as workshops for parents.