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Psicología para Adultos en Sinews

Sinews MTI - Centro de Terapia Multilingüe en Madrid

Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal Notice and Information on the Conditions of Use of the Website

In compliance with the duty of information pursuant to article 10 of the Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and E-Commerce Services, SINEWS, S.L., acting as the owner of the website WWW.SINEWS.ES, hereby records:

1. Identification data

  • Corporate name: SINEWS, S.L.
  • Registered address: CALLE SAGASTA 16, BAJO DCHA – MADRID
  • CIF [Tax Identification Number]: B85431153
  • Details for the registration on the Business Registry of Madrid: Volume 25,722, Folio: 74 Section: 8, Sheet: M-463633 Registration: 1.

This information comprises and regulates the conditions of use, the liability limitations and the obligations that the users of the web page published under the domain name WWW.SINEWS.ES assume and undertake to respect.

2. Definitions

  • “Page”, WWW.SINEWS.ES domain placed at the disposal of Internet Users.
  • “User”, natural or legal person who uses or browses the Page.
  • “Content”, pages that constitute the whole WWW.SINEWS.ES domain, which comprise of the information and services SINEWS, S.L. provides Internet Users with. They contain the messages, texts, photographs, graphics, icons, logotypes, technology, links, textures, illustrations, sound and/or image files, recordings, software, appearance, graphic design, source codes and, generally, any kind of material contained on the Page.
  • “Web”, technical word that describes the information access system via Internet, which is configured by means of pages created with HTML language or similar, and programming mechanisms such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, or others, etc. These pages designed and published under an Internet domain name are the result of the information the owner provides the Internet Users with.
  • “Hyperlink”, technique that enables the User to browse different Web pages, or the Internet, by clicking on the text, icon, button or indicative that contains the link.
  • “Cookies”, technical means of «tracing» and tracking websites browsing. They are small text files written on the User’s computer. This method has implications for privacy, therefore SINEWS, S.L. shall give due and proper notice when implemented on the Page.

3. Users | Conditions of use

The access and/or use of this WWW.SINEWS.ES website attributes the status of USER, who, by accessing and/or using the site, accepts these terms of use, without any reservation of all and every clause and general condition included in the Legal Notice.

If the User does not agree to the clauses and conditions of use of this Legal Notice, he/she shall not use the Page.

4. Use of the website

WWW.SINEWS.ES provides access to articles, information and data (hereinafter, «THE CONTENT») owned by SINEWS, S.L. The USER assumes liability for using the web.

Some pages of the Website (WWW.SINEWS.ES) may allow participation by commenting. Thus, any user can send texts using the form available for that purpose. By sending said texts clicking on the corresponding link, the USER agrees and accepts to make proper use of the contents WWW.SINEWS.ES offers in its web and not to use them to:

(i) carry out activities that could be considered illicit, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order.
(ii) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal nature, advocating terrorism or attacking human rights.
(iii) Cause damages in the physical and logical systems of WWW.SINEWS.ES, its providers or third parties, introducing or disseminating computer viruses in the network or any other physical or logical systems capable of causing the aforementioned damages.
(iv) try to access and, therefore, use other users’ email addresses and modify or manipulate their messages.
(v) In short, to respect the applicable legislation and the generally accepted moral standards and good practice, public order and these general conditions of access and use.

For this purpose, THE USER is obliged and undertakes to NOT use any of the Contents for illicit purposes or effects, forbidden by the Legal Notice or by the current legislation, detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties or that in any manner can damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the Contents, computer equipment or documents, files and other type of contents stored on any computer or on SINEWS, S.L. computers, other Users’ computers or any Internet users’ computer (hardware and software).

The USER forces himself and undertakes to not communicate, disseminate or make available to third parties any kind of material contained on the Page, such as information, texts, data, contents, messages, graphics, illustrations, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software, logotypes, brands, icons, technology, photographs, software, links, graphic design and source codes or any other material to which he/she has access as a User of the Page, included, but not limited to this list.

Accordingly, in compliance with the above THE USER shall not:

  • Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available or otherwise communicate publicly, transform or modify the Contents without express written consent given by SINEWS, S.L., holder of the corresponding rights, or unless it is legally permitted.
  • Remove, manipulate or in any manner alter the «copyright» and other identifying information regarding the rights reserved by SINEWS, S.L. or its holders, the digital fingerprints and/or identifiers, or any other technical means provided for recognition.
  • The User shall refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain Contents by any means or procedures other than those, on a case-by-case basis, provided for this purpose or indicated as serving this purpose on the web page where the Contents are found or, in general, any used regularly online for this purpose that does not pose any risk of damaging or rendering unusable the Page and/or Contents.

Likewise, THE USER acknowledges:

  • That SINEWS, S.L. shall not be held responsible, in any way, for the opinions expressed by users, who participate under their own sole responsibility.
  • That the user’s comments do not represent the opinions of SINEWS, S.L., its partners or employees.
  • That SINEWS, S.L. does not guarantee, under any circumstances, the publication of content sent by users. To that effect, all comments received will be automatically revised by a spam filter and moderated, regarding its form, by a website administrator, who shall, in all cases, act in such a way that respects the democratic freedom of expression and information.

Likewise, SINEWS, S.L. reserves the right to remove all comments and contributions which infringe the respect towards the dignity of individuals, whether discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, against youth or children, public order or safety or which, in the company’s opinion, are not suitable for publication.

In any case, WWW.SINEWS.ES shall not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users on the blog or other collaboration tools which can be created, in accordance with the applicable regulation.

5. Privacy policy. Data protection

SINEWS, S.L. is aware of the importance of data protection, as well as THE USER’s privacy and, therefore, it has implemented a data processing policy oriented towards providing the maximum security when using and collecting this data, guaranteeing compliance with current legislation on the subject and converting this policy into one of the basic foundations for how the company acts. Therefore, SINEWS, S.L. considers its “Privacy Policy” as compulsory reading.

6. Hyperlink

As a service for our visitors, our website may include hyperlinks to other sites which are not operated or controlled by SINEWS, S.L. For this reason, SINEWS, S.L. does not guarantee, nor holds liability of the legality, reliability, utility, veracity or curentness of the contents of these websites or their privacy practices. Please note that, before providing your personal data to websites other than WWW.SINEWS.ES, their privacy practices may differ from ours.

Likewise, those individuals who intend to establish hyperlinks between their Web page and ours (WWW.SINEWS.ES), must observe and comply with the following conditions:

  • Prior authorisation shall not be necessary if the Hyperlink only allows access to the home page, but it shall not reproduce this in any way. Any other form of Hyperlink shall require express and unequivocal written authorisation from SINEWS, S.L.
  • «Frames» shall not be created with or on the Web pages of SINEWS, S.L.
  • False, inaccurate or offensive declarations or indications shall not be made regarding SINEWS, S.L., its managers, employees or collaborators, or individuals associated with the Page for any reason, Users of the Page, or the Contents provided.
  • It shall not be stated or insinuated that SINEWS, S.L. has authorised the Hyperlink or that it has supervised or accepted, in any way, the Contents provided or made available to the Web page to which the Hyperlink is established.
  • The Web page in which the Hyperlink is established shall only contain what is strictly necessary to identify the Hyperlink destination.
  • The Web page in which the Hyperlink is established shall not contain information and contents which are illicit and contrary to the generally accepted moral standards, good practice and public order, nor shall it contain any content contrary to any third-party rights of any type.

7. Modification of the Legal Notice

In order to improve the service of the website, SINEWS, S.L. reserves the right to make, at any moment and without the need for prior warning, modifications and updates to the information found on the website, its configuration and design and this legal notice, in addition to any other specific conditions. Therefore, THE USER should read the Legal Notice each and every time he/she accesses the Page.

8. Intellectual / industrial property

SINEWS, S.L. holds all the intellectual and industrial property rights of its web page, alongside the elements contained therein (including images, sound, audio, video, software or texts, brands or logotypes, colour schemes, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programs required for its operation, access and use, etc.). These belong to SINEWS, S.L. or its licensors, all rights reserved.

Any use not previously authorised by SINEWS, S.L., shall be considered to be serious violation of the author’s intellectual or industrial property rights.
THE USER commits to respecting the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights held by SINEWS, S.L. He/she shall view the elements of the web and even print, copy and store them on the hard drive of his/her computer or any other physical means, provided that this is solely for his/her personal and private use. THE USER shall refrain from deleting, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system installed on the pages of SINEWS, S.L. All brands, trade names or distinctive marks of any kind appearing on the Page are the property of SINEWS, S.L. or, when applicable, of third parties who have authorised their use. It cannot be understood that the use of or access to the Portal and/or the Contents confers the User any right to the aforementioned brands, trade names and/or distinctive marks, nor can it be understood that any existing or potential exploitation rights for this Content have been granted to Users.

Likewise, the Contents are the intellectual property of SINEWS, S.L. or, as applicable, of third parties. Therefore, Intellectual Property rights are held by SINEWS, S.L. or by third parties who authorised their use, and they exclusively exercise the exploitation rights of this Content in any form, especially the rights to its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. The reproduction, distribution and public communication are expressly forbidden, including any means of making available all or part of the contents of this web page, for commercial purposes, using any format or technical mean, without the authorisation of SINEWS, S.L.

The unauthorised use of the information contained in the Web, in addition to the violation of the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights of SINEWS, S.L. or third parties included in the Page who have granted contents, shall lead to the legally established liabilities.

9. Cookies

Cookies are the technical means for «tracing» and monitoring browsing on Web Sites. These are small text files which are written on the User’s computer. This method has implications for privacy, therefore SINEWS, S.L. reports that it may use cookies to develop statistics on the use of the website, as well as to identify the User’s PC, allowing his/her recognition on future visits. In any case, the user can set the browser to not allow the use of cookies in his/her future visits to the website.

SINEWS, S.L. is aware of the importance of the data protection, as well as THE USER’s privacy, and, therefore, insists on that the “Cookies Policy” is read.

10. Availability of the page

SINEWS, S.L. cannot guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors when accessing the Page or its Contents, nor that these Contents are updated, however, it shall make every effort to, as applicable, avoid, rectify or update them. Consequently, SINEWS, S.L. does not assume any liability for the damages of any kind caused to THE USER by errors or disconnections in the telecommunication networks which lead to the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the Portal’s service before or during the provision of services.

SINEWS, S.L. excludes, with the exceptions covered by the current legislation, all liability for damages of any type which may be caused by the lack of availability, continuity or quality of the operation of the Page and the Contents, by non-compliance with the usage expectations that users may have placed in the Page and the Contents.

The exclusive function of the Hyperlinks appearing on this Web is that of informing the user about other Webs containing information related to the subject. Said Hyperlinks do not constitute any suggestion or recommendation.

SINEWS, S.L. holds no liability for the security errors which may occur or for potential damage caused to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored in them, as a consequence of:

  • The presence of a virus in the user’s computer, used to connect to the services and contents of the website,
  • Browser malfunctions or the use of non-updated browser versions.

SINEWS, S.L. holds no liability for the contents of these linked pages, for the functioning or the use of the Hyperlinks, nor for the result of said links, or guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements which may cause alterations on the computer system (hardware and software), the user’s document or files, excluding any liability for the damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

The access to the Page does not imply the obligation on the part of SINEWS, S.L. to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer element. Be that as it may, it is the User’s responsibility, to use suitable tools for detecting and disinfecting harmful computer programmes, therefore, SINEWS, S.L. is not responsible for the possible security errors which may arise during the Page service provision, nor for possible damages which may be caused to the user’s or third-party’ computer systems (hardware and software), files or documents stored in them, as a consequence of the presence of viruses in the user’s computer, used to connect to the services and contents of the Web, a browser malfunctioning or of the use of outdated versions.

11. Quality of the Page

Given the dynamic and changing context of the information and services provided by the Page, SINEWS, S.L. makes every effort, but does not guarantee the full veracity, accuracy, reliability, utility and/or currentness of the Contents.

The information contained in the pages comprising this Portal is only of an informative, advisory, informative and advertising nature. Under no circumstances do they offer nor involve binding or contractual commitment.

SINEWS, S.L. excludes all liability for the decisions made by THE USER based on this information, as well as for the possible typing errors this Page’s documents and files may contain. The information is subject to possible periodic changes, without prior notice, of its content due to the expansion, improvement, correction or update of the Contents.

12. Availability of the Contents

Service provision for the Page and its Contents is, normally, indefinite in duration. Therefore, SINEWS, S.L. is authorised to terminate or suspend the service provision for the Page and/or for any of its Contents at any time. Wherever reasonably possible, SINEWS, S.L. shall give prior notification of the termination or suspension of the Page.

13. Jurisdiction

For all matters which may arise regarding the interpretation, application and compliance of this Legal Notice, as well as the claims which may derive from its use, all parties involved shall submit to the Judges and Courts of Madrid, expressly renouncing any other regional code of law which could apply.

14. Applicable Legislation

These conditions are governed by Spanish legislation.

All rights reserved to the author of the international intellectual property laws and treaties. Their whole or partial copy, reproduction or dissemination is expressly forbidden, by any means.

Sinews MTI - Centro de Terapia Multilingüe en Madrid



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    Right to file a claim with the Control Authority (AEPD): At SINEWS, S.L. we make every effort to comply with the data protection regulation, given that it is the most valuable asset for us. Notwithstanding, we inform you that, in case you feel that your rights have been undermined, you can file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

    Additional information: You can check the additional and detailed information on data protection on our web page.

    Sinews, Hacemos Fácil lo Difícil

    El Equipo de Sinews

    Our Team

    Teamwork is our strength; it’s what distinguishes us from others.
    We offer multidisciplinary attention of high quality with a common vision: each client is unique and requires personalized attention. In order to accomplish this, we have a team with broad training and clinical experience that contribute complementary viewpoints when it comes to the most complex diagnoses. We will combine treatment options*, when necessary, for optimal results (ex. psychotherapy and medicine).

    *This internal communication is carried out with our commitment to strict confidentiality and only with the client’s prior consent, as our privacy policy demands. Most cases do not require more than one professional’s involvement.

    We help you find your therapist

    We help you find your therapist

    For whom
    Therapeutic Techniques

    Blog de Psicología, Psiquiatría y Logopedia en Sinews


    Sinews MTI, Psicología, Psiquiatría, Logopedia y mucho más

    Bienvenidos a Sinews

    At SINEWS, we understand the importance of language in any therapeutic process: you need to be able to express yourself freely and to feel understood. That’s why our multidisciplinary team of native professionals offers services in several languages. English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew … And, of course, Spanish.

    The Clinic

    Teamwork is our strength. Our professionals work in coordination with skillfulness, quality and warmth while always respecting confidentiality. In our Madrid (Chamberi) office we offer:

    Our platform allows you to get an appointment directly with our professionals from home, wherever you live.
    Select the time and day that works best for you and connect comfortably. If you cannot attend your session, you can cancel within 24 hours notice. Our platform is 100% confidential, it doesn't have the security problems of other popular video-call services.

    They trust us

    Universities and schools contract our bilingual psychology, psychiatry, etc. services that are carried out on site reducing costs, and under Sinews’ management.

    Services for Companies

    We offer different services focused on promoting psychological well-being in the organization and boosting the potential of your employees and managers as professionals.

    Support at home

    Speech therapists and psychologists will teach your child how to study more effectively and how to improve performance on exams. This type of learning specialist can help children with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties.

    Support in the classroom

    When following the teacher in class is difficult , our support teachers help in the classroom allowing children to stay integrated (with the school’s approval)

    Maria Vittoria Mentasti

    Psicoterapia in Madrid

    Migliaia di pazienti all’anno si affidano e credono nella qualità del nostro centro di psicoterapia a Madrid.

    Quando devo rivolgermi a un trattamento psicologico?

    C’è qualcosa che mi causa sofferenza o dolore e non mi lascia funzionare con normalità? Ho il desiderio, o il bisogno, di cambiare uno o più aspetti della mia vita? Mi sento male e non so il perché?

    Esistono diverse situazioni per le quali la consulenza psicologica risulta essere utile:

    • Il malessere psichico o fisico si prolunga nel tempo e le nostre strategie per affrontarlo non risultano efficaci per trovare una via d'uscita.
    • Ci sentiamo bloccati davanti a situazioni o decisioni di vitale importanza.
    • L’abilità per svolgere le nostre funzioni quotidiane risente del nostro malessere psichico o fisico.
    • Ripetiamo continuamente comportamenti che risultano dannosi per noi e che, da soli, non siamo in grado di modificare.

    Tra le motivazioni più frequenti che spingono i nostri clienti a rivolgersi a SINEWS evidenziamo:

    • lo stress e i disturbi che ne derivano, così come le distinte manifestazioni d’ansia, sono probabilmente la causa più comune per una consulenza psicologica:
      • attacchi di panico o d'ansia e fobie
      • disturbo ossessivo-compulsivo
      • disturbo d'ansia generalizzata (preoccupazione eccessiva)
    • É inoltre abituale anche trattarre i distinti gradi di alterazione dello stato d'animo:
dai disturbi come la Depressione, la Distimia (melanconia) o il Disturbo Bipolare fino ai disturbi adattativi causati da eventi della vita (trasferimento o cambio di residenza, lutto, divorzio, disoccupazione...)
    • In molte occasioni ciò che fa saltare l'allarme è l'alterazione di alcune nostre abitudini: il sonno, l'alimentazione o la sessualità; come l'insonnia, la perdita del desiderio sessuale, mangiare compulsivamente o la anoressia.
    • Trattiamo anche le dipendenze e specialmente quelle conosciute come “dipendenze senza sostanze”: gioco patologico, nuove tecnologie, acquisti compulsivi, sesso compulsivo...

    Come mi può aiutare la terapia psicologica?

    L’efficacia della terapia si ottiene attraverso diverse vie, lo sfogo delle emozioni è solo una di queste.
    Raccontare quello che ci succede ad una persona che non è implicata nel nostro problema ci aiuta a ordinare e analizzare la situazione e ad orientarci.

    Lo psicoterapeuta non ci dice quello che dobbiamo o non dobbiamo fare.
    Ci guida perché noi stessi possiamo incontrare la risposta. In primo luogo, analizzando i fattori all’origine del nostro malessere e offrirci una spiegazione tecnica di quello che ci sta succedendo e in un secondo momento, studiando come la nostra forma di interpretare la situazione, le nostre emozioni e i nostri comportamenti possa star perpetuando questo malessere.
    In questo modo, si disegna un piano terapeutico focalizzato nel cambio, passo dopo passo, di quello che incide negativamente e sostituendolo con strategie di risposta efficaci (stretegie di coping) che si impareranno con l’aiuto del psicoterapeuta.
    Esiste un metodo per tutto questo.

    Il nostro centro offre psicoterapia di qualità nel centro di Madrid.